Muncie’s Apathy Wizards return to Charleston for Free Music Friday this week

The Apathy Wizards

Editor’s Note: The following interview was conducted via Facebook Messenger. My band, Carlos Danger’s Inbox, will be opening Free Music Friday on January 23 as the lead-in to Apathy Wizards, the Ex-Bombers, and Pretty and the Useless. See previous story. Percussionist CD Tolbert was unavailable. We also opened for them at their last show, and I can attest to the energy and raw eclectic power of their performance. (All photos except the full band photo are by Bryan Murley)

CCR: How did Apathy Wizards come together?

Montana Wildhack

Montana Wildhack

Montana Wildhack (guitar): I joined on December 13th 2013. I think before that it was created in six days and then there was one of rest; also I joined because CD didn’t know I could play instruments but would be cool to have around. my dude talked me into it, I thought it’d be a pain in the ass to be in a touring band with a kid.

Matt Thor Goodman (singer, mandolin): The band started an a good excuse to not do schoolwork in college. I along with Hambone our bassist are the remaining original members of AW.



Hambone (bass ): The band wasn’t just an excuse not to do homework, it was also a way to get free booze. Me and Thor started the band 4 years ago with a couple of peeps that are ghosts now

Ketzer (various instruments): I joined the band last year in the summer time, but I’ve been a fan since the first show.

CCR: How long have you been together?

MW: I’ve been in it 1yr, everyone else somewhere between seven months and 4 years.

Matt Thor Goodman

Matt Thor Goodman

MTG: Countless aeons passed dormant before the sentient dust that would be our physical forms manifested themselves as the strange lifeforms you know today. As a collective unit, we have been around since the earliest moments of the universe.

How often are you out performing?

MW: When my sadistic husband & daughter let me out of the cage.

MTG: When it’s warm, we’re out and about doing the thing every weekend. when it’s colder not so much.

Ketzer: every week or so sometimes

CD Tolbert

CD Tolbert

CCR: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

MW: Like what dancing with your friends passive-aggressively feels like.

MTG: Wild, frustrated, old- time music for the apocalypse.

K: Well there’s the instrument line up. The stories are songs with lotsa minor chords, but in a fun way.

CCR: What were your influences?

MW: Can’t speak for everyone (we all have v. different backgrounds) but I come from straight punk rock & riot grrrl. My favorite band is Hole and I have no friends except Olivia because of it.

MTG: Tom Waits and general disdain.

K: Personally, my biggest influence in music is from video game soundtracks, but there are many other factors.

CCR: You guys have a pretty interesting approach to merch. Can you briefly explain that for our readers.

MW: People want to do stuff for you when you give them the option rather than forcing them. Ergo no fixed prices. People feel less pressured to buy our stuff. (This is just my own personal philosophy tbh.)

MTG: Monty got this right on the head.

K: f you want something, let us know what you think it’s worth. People take advantage less than you would think.

MW: “People take advantage less than you would think.” ppl only screw you out of money or things when you expect them to. I have been robbed exactly once.

The economy for artists sucks so bad rn I’d pay money to write for Vice. ppl are kind & helpful to artists because of it.

CCR: What do you guys do in your non-musical lives (work-wise)?

MTG: I work as a shitty line cook at an overpriced franchise.

MW: in my non-band life I stay at home and take care of my kid and do online school and run a nonprofit.

HB: In my non band life I spend most of my time sitting around wishing I was doing band stuff.

K: Whatever I can to make ends meet.

CCR: Your EP is named “For the Snakes” Where did the name come from?

HB: For the snakes comes from the heart.


Check out the EP “For the Snakes” below, and head over to their Bandcamp page to pick up a copy yourself.

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