This week: Free Music Friday at Top of the Roc with 4-band bill

free music friday poster

(from the event Facebook page)

Free Music Friday starts 2015 on January 23 with the type of aural excellence found only at Charleston’s longest running live original music event. The good folks at Cavetone Records searched near and far to fill a night with gypsy pirate folk punk, seedy beatnik pop, 90s pop rock, and some free music friday postergritty flannel folk rock for good measure. As with every Free Music Friday, there is no cover. Doors open at 8 p.m., 21+ to attend, and a variety of drink specials. Here is the running order for the evening:

Carlos Danger’s Inbox (9:15-9:55 /Flannel enthusiasts of folk rock)
Apathy Wizards (10:05-10:45/ Gypsy pirate folk punk from Muncie, IN)
The Ex-Bombers (11:10-11:50 / Beatnik spy pop duo on Cavetone Records)
Pretty and the Useless (12-1/ 90s pop rock jukebox heroes)

Carlos Danger’s Inbox: This quintet harkens back to that magical era where brooding flannel had a tawdry affair with folk sensibility. The band’s introspection has explosive qualities and understated pop hooks. Think The Wallflowers supervising Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen playing poker and smoking unfiltered Camels.


Apathy Wizards: One part gypsy folk traveling medicine show, one part pirate sea chanty punk rock, this quintet from Muncie, IN combines bizarre instrumentation with catchy, esoteric pop sensibility. Their live performance is engaging and their songs stick with audiences for weeks after the performance. Do not miss this fantastic band.

The Ex-Bombers play a seedy and sultry form of pop music that the press has dubbed “jazz for dirtbags” and “punk for beatniks.” The duo take a decidedly avant and seedy approach to making pop music using only an 8 string bass and drums. Imagine the avant sounds of early Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth and the flippant content and style of Soft Cell or Girls Against Boys. The pair took the winter off from live performances to finish up their sophomore album “Five Star Night,” but could not resist being a part of this night of music.


Pretty and the Useless is a 90s alt-pop machine. They scoured every second-hand store and garage sale for all of your old CDs to perform the favorites of an era in living stereo. Equally beloved by musicians and fans alike, this quintet of melodic rock goodness fills the dance floor and our ears with a similar ethereal joy. Don’t miss the next big thing out of EIU; they cause people to spontaneous combust in dance moves.

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