Free Music Friday Is Here To Kick Off Your Weekend Right, The Tim Blys Debut New Record (samples below)

The Tim Blys Photo by Bryan Murley

Big Free Music Friday this week, with Cenius, Cat Magnet, Matt Berry and The Tim Blys. I’m pressed for time.

Here’s an unedited IM interview with Matt Davis. Joey and Greg were unavailable.

What was your favorite part about recording?

Favorite part for me was the baked goods. second was that there was a lot to be learned about recording in general that we learned – tips and tricks, etc.

Least favorite part?

least favorite part – tension. there is a pressure to get things right in the studio, stemming from money and time constraints. when everyone is feeling that pressure, things can get a little bit tense. we all want it to be great and feeling like youre doing anything less is strassful. as a result, though, i think we did put our best effort out and scott worked hard to make us sound our best.

Anything you’d change or do differently next time?

Differently, i think we might consider adding an additional guitar in overdubbing some time. who knows. i dont know that we’d do much differently, but i know the experience would be different just because we have tat experience under our belts.

Would you do vinyl again?

Maybe. This being our only experience in the studio, I cant speak to the difference, but one thing we learned about for sure was the very long turn time. Vinyl is not for the impatient. But it also offers a real sense of permanence.

Would you want to do a full studio album? Something like a Dark Side of the Moon with full production values? 

Sure. I don’t know about production getting too extensive. Maybe overdub some added guitar parts on a song or two?

What should people look for in your show Friday? Anything different?

I think people should look forward to a damn good time, a new record, a new song, a couple new covers, and a high energy performance. we’ve been working hard and i think i’d say we’ve stepped up our game for the occasion.

Come. bring friends. have a fun.. We’re proud of what we made and excited for other people to hopefully enjoy it with us

Here are samples of the three songs on the record.


Get Away

Dead Horse Town

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