Saturday Night AMP Is A Sonic Blast For Art And Music

valut1John McDevitt is about as relaxed as he can be, guiding me on a tour through “the Vault.”

I’m wondering “What am I doing in Tuscola.” That thought is quickly put to rest, however, as McDevieitt takes me around this space which can only be described as “awesome.”

We’ve talked about what an “art collective” is (a group of artists, originally in Sullivan, now 2 years in Tuscola – the short version) and we’re sitting in the upstairs area where they’ve got big plans for the future.

McDevitt is an artist, first and foremost. He works in wood, and manages to gather together a host of other artists to contribute to the collective –  a former bank, now set up as an art gallery/workshop/dreamscape.

the vaultThis weekend, he’s hosting the Ex-Bombers and the Royal Son of a Guns. I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing, but he’s passionate about it. It starts at 6 p.m. Saturday.

In addition to the first AMP (Art Music Project) show, the Vault is hoping to expand its musical repertoire with additional amps, lighting, microphones, etc.

Cavetone Records is working with the Vault to set up a vinyl store – meaning there will be records, not CDs, not 8-tracks, but vinyl.

Scott Walus calls it “Awesome records at working class prices.”

AMP will continue for three months – August, September and October, raising money.

I have some more stories from this visit, but for now, this is your rock initiative.

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