Cavetone And The Vault Launch The Sound Bank This Saturday

Tomorrow night in Tuscola, the vinyl stacks are back, as The Vault Arts Collective launches the Sound Bank record store in collaboration with Cavetone Records. It’s all part of the Arts Music Project to bring live music to the upstairs concert area at The Vault. The festivities begin at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5. Admission is free. Contributions are appreciated.

You can contribute if you can’t attend the opening by clicking on the AMP Indiegogo campaign.

This is an important event, because the proceeds will go to fund all-ages shows at The Vault beginning in January, 2016. The Vault’s concert area is relatively small, but that adds to its attraction. People hanging out and listening to music. What’s better than that?

If you’re looking to get your vinyl fix, this is the place. There will be a DJ spinning records all evening for you to enjoy. I’ll have some photos and, hopefully, some interviews, next week. See you there.

Here’s the press release from Cavetone:

In 2005, Cavetone opened its analog recording studio. In 2008, it had our first of many vinyl releases. In 2012, it began hosting live music showcases. In 2015, Cavetone opens an all-vinyl record store in partnership with The Vault Arts Collective in Tuscola, Ill.

The store offers a curated vinyl experience constructed by the musicians at Cavetone. This translates to a collection of interesting vinyl, expertly prepared for resale, at working class prices.

Proceeds of the store go to fund two important music endeavors. 25 percent of every gross sale goes toward paying musicians who will play the all-ages venue (beginning in January 2016). Any remaining profits will go to fund all other Cavetone non-profit endeavors such as Free Music Friday in Charleston as well as the recording and replication of vinyl releases.

The opening marks an important moment in the Art Music Project happening at The Vault as musicians from Cavetone Records and artists from The Vault will be spinning their favorite records throughout the night.

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