The Last Free Music Friday Is This Week

The last Free Music Friday ever will happen this week. While it’s a sad occasion for obvious reasons, there’s no reason not to celebrate the 3 years of great local music shows put on by Cavetone Records.

The event is free (obviously) and will start at 8 p.m. at Top of the Roc. While the start time is earlier than normal, that’s what happens when you’re trying to squeeze seven bands, including a couple of Frankenstein-esque supergroups, into one bill. Details:

  • Bowling Alone (10 minutes of solo post-punk by a Cavetern / 8:10- 8:20)
  • Ryan Noir (An all-time acoustic favorite with a twang / 8:25-8:55)
  • Cat Danger Etc. (One night only Colin St. Michael/Shea Keating supergroup featuring 5 bands in one! 9:00-9:35)
  • The Useless Na Na Nas (One night only reunion/merger of Pretty and the Useless and Colonel Angus / 9:45-10:20)
  • Condor & Jaybird (Heavy psychedelic Beatles-y pop from Rock Island, IL / 10:35-11:15)
  • The Ex-Bombers (Thee premier seedy beatnik pop duo on Cavetone Records / 11:25-12:05)
  • The Good Dinosaurs (Juke joint rock and roll duo formerly of The Cruddites / 12:15-1)

According to the event page on Facebook, “at 1 a.m., there will be yelling, drinking and dancing to a very special mix tape. This will last until the last person is forced to go home.”

Scott Walus, promoter and all-around svengali of FMF, called it a “Viking funeral of a musical event,” taking the place of the annual Doppelgangers Ball, ” in order to celebrate all of the great music that has taken place at Top of the Roc over the years.” If you want to dress up Halloween-style, that is appreciated, but not a requirement.

Doors open at 7 p.m. You must be 21 or older to enter.

Here’s a trailer for the final FMF created by Colin St. Michael:

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