Saturday Night Live: Charleston Super Group Moondogs Occupy the ‘Towner

Macs’ Uptowner will play host to a whole heaping helping of roots, reggae and rock tonight as the Moondogs take the stage at 9:30 p.m.

Celebrate the warm weather and take a trip through a musical time machine at the same time. Cover is $5. You must be 21 or older to enter.

From their Facebook page:

The Moondogs have supplied their blend of roots, rock, and reggae to the Charleston scene for four years now. A typical show will take you from The Band to Bonnie Raitt to Bob Marley with plenty more mixed in to keep the dance floor moving. The focus is on music from great songwriters who walked the earth in the days of vinyl. The secret weapons are 3 lovely and talented female vocalists; Karen Hart, Abby Haughee (mandolin), and Wendy Meyer (acoustic guitar & saxophone), and they can cover anything from Mick Jagger to Joni Mitchell. Throw Joe McLean into the mix when things need to get gritty and you’ve got 4-part harmonies, a rarity in today’s music scene. Joe also shares the lead guitar chores with Bob St. Gemme, a picker well-versed in all things rock, blues, and country. Take all that musical goodness, and throw it on top of a rhythm section composed of 2 long-time veterans of the scene; Todd Bowlin (drums) and Al Phillips (bass) and you’ve got yourself one heck of a band!

As life has it, we have continued to evolve! The MoonDogs were blessed with the mindful rhythm of Jay Ferguson and quite honestly, we continue to grow weekly and with every performance! Jay has the ability to help push us to our best potential as musicians!

The eight-piece band is a sight to behold on stage, and you’re sure to hear some cover songs you remember.

You can hear a sampling of the music they cover on their web site. (no embed, sorry)

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