Saturday Night Live: Jiggy And The Source Inhabit the JAC

Jackson Avenue Coffee plays host to an interesting band tonight, with a jazzy-blues-folk┬ásound and some trippy descriptives. Champaign’s Jiggy and The Source take the stage at 7 p.m. The show is free and open to all ages. Donations for the musicians are always appreciated.

From the band’s Facebook page:

Jiggy & the Source is not a person, ensemble, nor group… it s is an enigma, neigh, it is a synergy of cosmic vibrations of unconditional love and 5 dimensional light flowing through all parties present, transmogrifying Jiggy with the intensity of a phantom train barreling through the walls of illusion and fear meant to control and limit humanity. When The Source is present, there is no choice but to see the light.

Here’s a live performance captured in Champaign last year:

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