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Local musicians are the life blood of a thriving musical community, and Coles County Rocks is here to highlight local concerts, musicians and events. We’ll have profiles of established and up and coming bands from Charleston, Mattoon and surrounding towns. We will feature music and videos from local and touring musicians who stop in central Illinois to perform.

This is not an entertainment site. It’s a local music site. Whatever the style of music (rock, hip-hop, blues, folk, country, jazz, etc.), we’ll strive to be your one-stop shop for music news around here.

bryanEditor Bryan Murley performs with Charleston’s Carlos Danger’s Inbox and also performs frequently at open mic night at Jackson Avenue Coffee. When he’s not banging on a guitar and screaming, he is a journalism professor at Eastern Illinois University.

If you have news or information you’d like to share with our readers, drop us an e-mail at colescountyrocks@gmail.com or fill in the form below:

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